101 Law – Behavior In The Courtroom

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101 Law – Behavior In The Courtroom

Going into the courtroom can be a unique experience, and for many people it’s also are fairly stressful experience. Since you will be present in the courtroom, there are certain things you should know before going there. Even though you probably already know all of these things instinctively, or from your previous experience, you will benefit from implementing them in the courtroom.

1. Listen Carefully

The first piece of advice that I am to give you is that you should really listen carefully. If you are not listening to what is being said in the court room, you are making things more difficult not only for yourself but also on your lawyer. In addition to that, you are also depriving yourself from the benefits of learning more about your case and getting an insight in your case.

You might feel the urge to stop listening and zone out, make sure you will learn how to handle it right.

2. Show Respect

The moment you enter the courtroom you should behave in a respectful manner. In addition to that, the judge could reprimand you for not behaving in a respectful mannerand it could even affect the outcome of your case!

Make sure you do not talk, unlessyou are not spoken to, do not put on any inappropriate clothes, make sure your language is grammatical and understandable, and try not to insult anyone. Do not carry any prohibited items on your person, and you genuinely try to show respect to everyone in the court room.

3. Mind The Language

Depending on your lawyer’s strategy, you will together come up with things you need to mention and things you have to say. Make sure you do so in an understandable way, do not use slang. You want to establish your reputation with the judge and the jury as a trustworthy person, and this will positively affect not your overall image, but also the outcome of your trial.

4. Dress Formally

There is a dress code in the courtroom that you should respect. Just like your lawyer will not come in the courtroom wearing sweatpants, neither should you. Try to suit up for the occasion, and groom yourself so that you will look decent. As for the ladies, remember not to put too much jewellery, too much make up, what to wear breathtakingly high heels.

5. Don’t Chit-Chat

Try to avoid small-talk in the courtroom you are not committing pharmaceutical fraud or something like that. Remember that you will not benefit from going through all the details with people just before the hearing or during the trial. Make sure you have discussed all the details that are relevant with your lawyer, and that you are on the same page before the trial starts.

Once you are in the courtroom try not to talk to anyone but your lawyer, or your lawyers, especially during the time when someone else speaks. You should really be more focused to listen than to speak in courtroom.

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